5 Reasons our chickpeas are the best snack!

Puree them to make humous, throw them in a soup, a curry, a stew, mince them and make falafel, eat them hot, eat them cold, roast them (our fav of course), or simply toss them in your salad! On top of all of its versatility this special little legume is packed full goodness too, with fibre, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin K – so if you’re not on the chickpea train, we suggest you get on it pronto!

Now, as mentioned previously our favourite way to enjoy a chickpea is roasted – however, Garbanzo Snacks add a little something extra in terms of flavour… To be precise, 8 flavours! Whether you’re a savoury or sweet person, we have something for you. Our little bags of chickpea goodness are the perfect thing to tame those pangs of hunger and keep you fuller for longer and heres why…

1. Chickpeas are high in both protein and insoluble fibre which helps to make you feel full and reduces unhealthy snacking, and with Garbanzo’s Snacks being super tasty it’s a win win all round!

2. They are full of nutrients and vitamins which makes snacking totally worth it because you’re giving your body much needed goodness, whilst satisfying that hungry tummy.

3. Garbanzo makes our snacks with 100% chickpea and we source all of our raw chickpeas from local farmers. We work closely with our farmers to ensure we select the very best crop for roasting!

4.Garbanzo Snacks are gluten free and vegetarian, with our Cajun Kick, Wasabi and Thai Sweet Chilli flavours all being vegan. They’re free of additives and preservatives ensuring every little chickpea that makes it’s way into your tummy is pure goodness.

5. They’re versatile! Check out our Instagram to see the creative ways in which our customers have been eating our snacks.

Head over to www.garbanzosnacks.co.uk to check out our full range and order yours now!

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