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We are partnering with Envestors to launch our EIS approved campaign. Our offer is
available through our own FCA regulated platform and is ready for investors and fans of
Garbanzo to help us grow and continue to make the yummy snacks we know you love
and share.

As you know… Garbanzo was founded with a simple ethos, that one could take a basic
ingredient, cook it simply and flavour it with natural ingredients. We don’t extrude, mix
or adulterate our snacks, what you eat is 100% chickpeas with a sprinkling of flavour, or
a coating of goodness.

We want to keep things moving and so much so, we have new and exciting products to
bring your way in 2018. Chickpea snacking has never seen so much innovation.
We hope you join us in bringing Garbanzo Snacks to a mega store near you.
If you would like to be a shareholder and join us on our snacking revolution, please click
this link: and follow the steps below:

1. First you’ll need to sign up to Envestors. You’ll need to enter some basic
information, then select the certification type.

2. Next, please make sure you read the full risk warning. (Quite long, quite boring,
but VERY important)

3. Once you have read that… click ‘View Deal’ – this will take you through to the
pledge page, and where you will enter the amount you want to invest. Please
note: this is a minimum of £500. (This pledge is not a commitment, you’ll will be
asked to confirm in the next section)

4. Next you’ll be asked to complete a suitability questionnaire, it’s a very simple
multiple-choice questionnaire and will only take a few minutes.

5. If you pass the questionnaire, you’ll then be asked to confirm your details.
(Name, address, DOB, etc.)

6. Finally, you’ll be taken to a FAQ page where you should read the information
carefully and then submit your pledge. No money will be taken at that time; you
are just making a binding pledge.

You will receive a Completion Notice once the Minimum Amount of £150,000
has been raised and all legals and conditions precedent are satisfied. You will
then have 14 days to transfer the Funds.

Please note: The investment will only complete once the Minimum Amount has
been raised.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to
contact us at:

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