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Plant Based Protein Powders

Our range of high-quality organic plant-based protein powders offer superior nutritional and functional properties. Designed to deliver protein fortification to the growing plant-based bar, cereal and snack sectors without negatively impacting shelf life or texture.

Clean Label requirements, or high protein claims can be achieved easily with plant-based protein powders, or simply adding plant-based protein powders to your sport supplement brand to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to traditional sources of protein.

Organic Pea Protein Powder
(80% Protein)

Source - China

Organic Fava Bean Protein Powder
(60% Protein)

Source - Finland

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Source - Netherlands / UK

Organic Light Golden Flax Protein Powder

Source - Germany / China

Organic Rice Protein Powder
(80% Protein)

Source - China
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Offered Own Label for Retail or Bulk for manufacturing.

Please note all our products are re-packed, inspected, tested at our BRC facility.